Product package mockup

A quick write-up about about making product package mock-ups. This is about pharmaceutical packaging mock-ups, in just a few steps:
  1. In 3D, sculpt the pill
  2. In 3D, generate a random drop using physics systems. Tools: Rigid Body system, Particle system / Newtonian / object. Separate the particles from particle physics into rigid body physics (pause animation, select the emitter, CNTL+SHFT+A, delete the emitter, select particles, apply Rigid Body Active}. Remove items touching the scene edge. Repeat for several variants (for different color versions).
  3. In vectors, design a product package cover. Iterate using layers and versions.
  4. In 3D, design a scene. Use unwrap.
  5. Final render (sampling at 1024)

Keep in mind that this is an iterative process. You keep going back making adjustments and bringing them forward.