Sydney Hoardings EOI 2016

Since I got tipped off about the Sydney Hoardings Expression of Interest invitation a few weeks ago (via an email from ). The run up until now had been a bit of a marathon for me. I crafted my designs, built a supporting website (, submitted my proposal, made up a supporting video presentation, and rendered a model. All along I kept going back for fine tuning and iterating. This project was also the perfect opportunity to learn a lot more about using Blender, which is generally in the too-hard basket. I think it was all worth it as the new Blender skills are market competitive and transferable to future projects, but this is all to be continued.


Thank you for your submission to the Site Works Creative City Hoardings EOI.

We had an extraordinary response to the EOI. 526 submissions were received, representing every state and territory and a broad range of art forms. Only 10 submissions will be progressing through to the second stage of the EOI. It was an extremely competitive field of high quality submissions, and unfortunately, your submission was not successful.

We really appreciate the time and talent you put into your concept submission and thank you for your support of this new Creative City initiative. We hope to offer similar opportunities in the future.


Who got selected.