Creative Hands

Idle hands are the devil's playthings. But for presentation purposes, art students and creatives alike know one go-to magician trick, that is, hands make great props that everyone can intuitively relate to. If you have an inanimate object or a concept, everything is better with the show of human hands modeling. Apropos indicating a value proposition for ad space in magazine pages, it is one thing to say what you are offering but another thing to show the experience, with hands!

My first encounter with feature hands and plain backgrounds was via helping my creative and slightly more famous friend, let's call him Y. Since then and about two years of keeping my eye on The Loop for Inspiration to "borrow" from, hands are a constant recurrence, even if it's not really my go-to schtick. But today was different, as I had to nail it, solo. Yida yada, here is the setup that worked for me. Anyone who tried this trick-shot knows that the key is to get your head out of the way, while maintaining consistency casually.

BTW, recently I had a request from Michael at Art Monthly Mag for some pics.

Later one of the photos was used in a poster for a 300 issue exhibition.