Sculptures by Doffy White

When Doffy came to me with two boxes of bronze and paper mache sculptures, I thought wow, this is going to take quite a bit of time to photograph and edit. I was not wrong! The brief was to deliver photography to document the body of work for Doffy's website, and for her to have something usable to put on her exhibition invitations.

The assumption was to maintain consistency across each object in the set. That means identical lighting and presentation conditions -- the camera and setup does not change from shot to shot. Fortunately the object sizes within each set were scaled similarly, which is good because then the white space ratio in each pic does not get too out of hand when viewing smaller objects one photo at a time. An upside is that you can produce more angles of each sculpture, rather than just one -- this applied especially to the character bronzes where one angle just would not do them justice.

After the basic shots were completed (just shy of 100), this project was ripe for animated GIFs, which pack a lot of information into a bite size snack.

You can see more of Doffy's work on her website, and upcoming exhibition (details TBA).

For reference, here is the set