Ceramics by Karin Dovel

Before Karin came to me for some ceramics photography, I had seen her work peppered on instagram in feeds that I could not quite recall, but there was certainly a sense of familiarity. And then it hit me -- it's you! I am referring to those cheekly pieces that say poo face and bum head.

The collection is black and white, uniform, and table friendly. The stylized flatness of the content plays with the intrinsic three dimensional realness of the vessels.

By the way, Karin's work will be exhibited in an upcoming group show at chinaclay.com.au. I can't wait to see more!

As for my photo shoot, the brief was to show the work in the best light of course, as well as be catalog and media ready -- for show and sell. To me that means two sets: one with a background and without. Next, size variation normally wants you to come closer to smaller pieces to fill your field of view, but here was a chance to show relative scale and I took that option liberty. If you put one picture of a big vase next to a picture of a small vase, you can see the size difference immediately -- I love that, though don't often get to do it! Of course the consequence of dealing with scale in this way is that when small pieces are shown individually, excess white space wants to be cropped out -- but you can do that any day. Here is how that works (and hopefully this page renders in full width).