Catapult Design (1)

When it comes to choosing between great detail and interesting styling, the preference depends on any number of factors and conditions that avail themselves. But generally a few simple angles and high basic detail makes for bulletproof catalog images, which can be recomposed into any promotional collateral as needed at a later time.

As a matter of interest about workflow, knowing in advance that you are not keeping the background or shadows makes for an efficient shoot. Luckily the client knew to ask for deep etching, which resolved that issue instantly.

The three columns illustrate what we want as useful deliverables: white background JPGs (for the web), transparent background PNGs (for Illustrator/Inkscape compositions), and a pre etch references. The other workflow files that form the project are the original RAWs (camera) and sidecars (Darkroom/Darktable), and retouching files (Photoshop/GIMP), all of which come in handy when you need to go back to redo anything that was not immediately known.