Ceramics by Leanne Berelowitz

What I've been hinting to Leanne repeatedly over the last few months is that the golden one is my favourite! What can I say, but people fall for shiny things. And so I got excited when Leanne asked me to photograph her golden glazed sculpture, and several others which had recently been on show at Kerrie Lowe Gallery.

Since Leanne joined the studios, I have watch her produce her unique sculptures. However to this day I am still somewhat puzzled by her process. Intuitively you would expect the force of gravity to slump the cell-like loops, but the results show otherwise. The finished structures remind you of self reinforcing geodesic spheres, but also have an unmistakable organic character.

The photo shoot produced multiple presentation options for each piece, which should give Leanne enough flexibility for developing future promotional collateral as well as for general documentation of her work.