ProjectA by Mark O'Ryan

Last week Mark came to me with a challenge, which was to photograph his lightbox sculptures (ProjectA) that he's entered into Melbourne Indesign 2014. The sculptures look great in real life, and with a bit of work we managed to balance the lighting setup for the slides, with effective lighting of the lightboxes. / /

I had a bit of fun with it.

Later we had another go at it.

Distilling a method for producing a consistent look for a set of images can be a struggle, especially when symmetry is an imaginary category over what is objectively a series of unique objects, each with its own creative features. A square format flattens for wide objects presents perspective opportunities; vivid colors must still play nice with the transparent and the white; internal illumination talks back to external; a constant horizon disagrees with distinctive features and background choices; re-composition at the end of the process should provide some valuable teaching points that validate or inform earlier decisions; and of course eventually one runs into the hard limit of time. / ... / ...

 On our third attempt we did a quick night shoot, just to see what it would look like in the dark.