Startup Package w Logo and Product Photography

Here we have an X project that involved developing a logo and some product photography for a furniture startup, Remy Woodcock, .

The logo employs two essential components: a chosen icon, and the name in a chosen font.

Three versions were designed, small, medium and large. The small logo fits into a square or round area, and is good for instagram or a square profile pic. The medium logo is the standard logo, and can be used wherever layout is not constrained. The large logo is essentially thin and elongated, and can be use for example in a waterfall menu bar after scrolling down a webpage. While designing each version, the scale of the icon was constant, while the lettering moved around.

The product photography shoots produced essential photographs, in two looks. Look one was minimalist, featuring just the product. Look two was styled as a scene, and employed practical helper objects to give it a sense of scale and context. Here are a few selected pics.