Catapult Design (6)

Initially this product shoot had two glaring challenges. 1) The mirror finish of the polished metal side table, managed with reflecting a clean white wall. 2) The minimalist design of the pieces, managed by adding complexity to the context. However, there was a really big opportunity that does not come from every product shoot -- this is a set of nearly identical geometries across all of the pieces! That means that it lends itself to creative recombination after segmenting the essential parts, which is something that I rather enjoy but don't get to choose when it happens as it depends on the nature of the project.

After photography and prepping the material with basic retouching, the creative part begins. Creative retouching in this case allows for mixing and matching tops with bases (for consistent flow across combinations, as well as showing possible extra combinations for future bespoke orders hopefully), and lighting effects (for more depth via shadows and background shading, or flatness for compressed or dense designs) with immaculate consistency across product images, promo designs and aspect ratios (eg. square instagram, 1080p POS, or print collateral when needed). Woot!

Here is some of what was produced.