Battarbee and Namatjira by Martin Edmond book, for Art Monthly

As books and other downloadable material dominate app stores, e-tailors, and user interfaces, there is certainly a pattern to the look and feel to the ecosystem. Years of progress made sure of that. Impressions of these things tend to have standardized real-like decorations, like forward reflections, backward shadows, and a bit of perspective. To make such images, one can either put the object on a table and just shoot it with a camera, or use the magic of software -- I do a bit of both. It is not always obvious where to draw the line between gritty reality and pixel perfect interpretation. For that it is good to have a go at composition and see how the parts interact.

Here we have two compositions of the book provided to me by mag, Battarbee and Namatjira by Martin Edmond. A simple front cover with a bit of spine was used.