Wave Puzzle by Oliver Tanner

In 2014, Oliver Tanner work was shown at Vivid, The Cool Hunter, and Maunsell Wickes Gallery. And by the end of the year I felt rather lucky to score him as a client, to photograph his latest work, the Wave Puzzle.

At the start of the project I got a pretty open brief. As we were dealing with a rather unique product, it is good to go free range and see where ideas take us.
My shoot included:
  1. An unboxing experience, with hands modeling
  2. A few draft concept snaps to test ideas
  3. A standard product, with front, left and right perspectives, top, with and without the box
  4. Material closeup
  5. A composite
  6. A sculpture, with a gradient background
Shooting was done over 3 days. I know from experience that you need to ruminate while meandering from one stage to the next. Next was the post, which took even longer. As well as delivering high res images, I also like to test my photography handiwork by designing some promotional collateral. Yes, the whole project took longer than expected, but I was pleased with the results, as was my client.